Italy's Draghi was asked by the president to form a fresh coalition government

Italy's Draghi was asked by the president to form a fresh coalition government

Italy has turned to the former central bank boss to stabilize the coalition among party members. Draghi, a highly experienced central bank boss, has been told by the president to help form a coalition.

Mr. Draghi mandated to solve parliamentarians impasse 

Italian president has pleaded with former European banker, Mario Draghi to create a new government coalition after the collapse of the previous one. According to President Mattarella, the country needs '' Capable hands'' to handle the raging pandemic and bring the Italian dwindling economic back to the pre-pandemic state.

Italian politicians have failed to come to a consensus after former Italian PM Gussippe Conte left his position. Mr. Draghi now has the difficult job of bringing all warring parties together to make Italy great again. President Mattarella asked for his presence at Rome's Quirinale Palace on Wednesday evening and gave him the duty of putting the parliament in order. 

Mario Draghi promises good reforms 

Mr. Draghi said after the meeting with the president that the country was facing '' hard times'' and everyone should come to the round table and shear their swords.' '' I believe that discussions with parliament and other interested parties will bring unity a viable solution for every thorny issue''.

Italy's economy shows positive signs after the announcement of Mr. Draghi has the Milan stocks rose to 2.9%. The Credentials of Mr. Draghi are impressive, however, if he will be able to transfer them to the political arena is another thing. There have been disagreements about how Italy should spend €220 billion given to it by the EU for COVID-19 recovery. 

About 91,000 people have died in Italy making them the fifth on the fatality table. A prominent movement in Italy known as the Five-star movement has said it wouldn't support any government assembled by Mr. Draghi for obvious reasons.

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