Prime Minister of Australia says Bing is a viable option if Google leaves 

Google is having problems with the Australian government over content payment issues. The Australian government had said it could turn to Bing if Google leaves. 

Bing can replace Google in Australia - Prime Minister 

The Australian prime Minister says Microsoft Bing could replace Google if the situation warrants it. This is because of the ongoing tussle between Google and the Australian authorities. A top official of Google opined last month at a congress virtual hearing that they could make Google unavailable in Australia if the federal government goes ahead to implement new content pay by tech firms.

 However, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he had discussed with Microsoft officials. 

 '' Microsoft welcomes the idea that it is a viable option if need be. Australians will get a good substitute '' Morrison told reporters in Perth. 

''These are giants in the technology sector, but that won't deter us, because our primary concern is the citizens '' Morrison stated.

 '' It is a good thing to have an excellent news atmosphere in Australia that is profitable and sustainable. That is how top democracies work '' 

Australia wants Google to pay media over content 

Bing remains the second most used search engine in the country. Google on his own takes about 96 %. No Microsoft official has issued any statement concerning the issue yet. The main Crux of the matter is that the Australian government hopes to make tech firms like Facebook and Google Pay media firms in Australia for using their web content. 

This is not the first time Google is facing this type of pressure. Last year, it opened with some France — based publishers to make fair financial commitments for news content. Under this agreement, they will be negotiations about payments based on factors like traffic, amount of news published daily amongst others. 

Google doesn't want the Australian agreement because they won't have enough control over financial settlements. Prime Minister Morrison is adamant that top world economies will soon agree on the monopolistic tendencies of most tech firms.