How to maintain the performance of the battery of your computer for a long time?

To keep the performance of the battery of his computer, thousands of questions pass through head of many people. Here are the answers to the most common questions that will help maintain the performance of the battery of your computer.

Should I respect the battery's charge and discharge cycles?

With the old nickel-cadmium batteries, you had to follow the charge and discharge cycles regularly. But with Battery for dell p65f001 and all the new lithium-ion batteries, this has changed. Nevertheless, it is recommended to perform a cycle once a month: this is the calibration.

If the computer's battery discharges completely and goes into standby, it should be recharged completely without interruption and use.

Should the battery be allowed to discharge completely on a regular basis?

Leaving the battery to discharge completely can cause it to lose up to 20% of its capacity. Indeed, a complete discharge of the battery causes a degradation of the chemical elements within the battery. Thus, recharging the battery after it has been completely discharged is dangerous for its life.

But with the design of new operating systems, the computer automatically goes into standby mode to avoid reaching this level of discharge which could be fatal.

Should the battery be removed from the PC for prolonged use on the mains?

It is possible to remove the battery if you use the computer on the mains for a long period. But you must leave a minimum charge of 40% on the battery before removing it. Below this level, there is a risk that the battery will discharge and be unusable the day it is needed.

However, it is not necessary to remove the battery from the PC as the new batteries can be easily adapted to different usage modes. Also, when using a computer without a battery, the probability of losing information due to a power failure.