How to impress your crush with jokes

People with a sense of humor are all loved by people because they can make them laugh and be happy, which is good for the heart. That being said, wouldn't it be great to have some funny jokes to tell your crush or girlfriend/boyfriend? Plus, it could also help your conversation go better. In this article, we will provide you with several lists of funny pickup lines.

Funny pickup lines that will make your crush smile

Here's a list of 7 funny jokes you can try in front of your crush (smile guaranteed):
1 I'm sorry I can't change the fact that I wasn't in your past. But can I make up for it by being in your future?
2 Some people fall off their bikes. Some people fall out of trees. But the best thing for you would be to fall in love with me.
3 You know what? Don't panic if a fat man in a red suit bags you at night. He's just making my wish come true.
4 Hi. I'm an unemployed man with a certificate in cuddling, a diploma in caring and a diploma in kissing. Do you have a job for me?
5 You know what? Your lips should meet for a casual, informal meeting.
6 Wait. I think you dropped something.
7 If I were a volcano, I'd say I wash you a lot!
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Hilarious pickup lines that can seduce any guy

Here's a list of 7 jokes you can try to make him laugh:

1 I'm sorry, I think someone will be asking you to leave very soon. I mean, it's because of your beauty. You make everyone look bad.
2 Sorry to bother you, but can you tell me what time it is now? I just want to remember the moment I saw the man of my dreams.
3 You know what? I've been told that my lips are like skittles. So, ready to taste the rainbow?
4 Excuse me? Do you know how much a polar bear can weigh? Oh yeah, enough to break the ice.
5 Hi, could I see your license by any chance? You don't have it, do you? Maybe it was suspended for driving all those girls crazy.
6 Wait, I think there's something wrong with my phone. Oh yeah, it doesn't have your phone number in it. Would you like to help me solve this problem?
7 Excuse me? Do you have a mirror in your pants? Because I can see myself in them.
Jokes help maintain good physical and mental health