How to become more intelligent ?

Many people believe that a person's intelligence is fixed from birth and cannot increase or decrease. However, it is far more real that you can improve your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) at any age. If your desire is to become smarter by following a few tips, continue reading this article.

Feed yourself well

Just like other parts of the human body, the brain needs to be well nourished to develop. The food we eat contains nutrients called nutrients that provide strength to your brain. For this reason, find out here the foods rich in nutrients that increase your intelligence: vegetables, fruits, cereals, tubers... It is also advisable to take milk and natural honey without additives. Although some foods are recommended, there are some that act negatively on the action of your brain. Among these foods are oils, sugar and salt. They take time to digest and weigh down the spontaneous action of the brain and furthermore harm the action of your heart. Remember, dear reader, that you must also control the times at which you eat in order to avoid especially late night eating. Apart from a good diet, it is necessary to exercise the brain.


Physical or mental exercise is also one of the most important elements for the development of your IQ. This means that you cannot become more intelligent without exercising in various areas. You need to think about new things like: mental calculations; learning a new trade or language... In short, you need to constantly challenge your brain. In addition to these activities, sport is a tool to stimulate your intellect. It allows you to think about finding a spontaneous solution and gets your brain used to it. For example, dribbling a partner in a game of basketball or football. Physical activity activates all muscles, including the brain, which gives you a certain amount of insight. As much as you need to exercise regularly, you also need to rest and get at least six (06) hours of sleep a day for a good mental balance. Take the step now to become more intelligent.