How is CBD oil used?

It is an oil made from a mixture of cannabidiol crystals from the hemp plant and oils from plant products with added terpenes. It is an oil that is used to get rid of bad breath. But many people do not like the taste of the oil. Therefore, it can happen that people try to mask the smell with flavourings. To avoid being allergic to the taste of the oil, we will suggest some ways of using the oil. Read the entire article.

Mixing the oil with a sour drink

For those who wish to consume the oil for the first time and they have never smelled it, it is advisable to add a small amount of a sour drink. You can add lemon juice, grapefruit juice. To consume, you have to put the oil and accompany it with the acidic liquid in your mouth at the same time. But this way you cannot keep the oil on your tongue. The link gives you more information about this technique. You can also accompany the oil with hot drinks like tea or coffee.

Brushing your teeth with oil

We had said at the beginning that the oil is used to get rid of bad breath. However, you have to put it on your tongue. So if you can't keep it on your tongue because of the smell, you have to brush your teeth. We talk about this formula because it will allow you to put only the oil on the toothpaste which has the power to mask the taste of cannabidiol. This way you will be able to tolerate the smell more easily. Moreover, by brushing your teeth, you will not swallow the oil. It is dangerous to put the oil in its raw state in your mouth. You can use the oil to make biscuits, snacks, sweets, brownies...