Canadian Government tags Proud Boys terrorist organization

The Canadian government has labeled the 'Proud Boys' as a terrorist group. This announcement was made because of their violent tendencies and the attack against the Capitol.

Canada brands proud boys 'terrorists' 

Canada has labeled the Far-right organization 'Proud Boys' as a terrorist group. The country's Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said this decision was because of the group's sad role during the Capitol protest which claimed about four lives leaving many injured. This tag will allow the freezing of the group's assets and any member identified could face terrorist charges whenever they commit such acts. 

Proud Boys is an all make group with anti-immigration aims and has always been involved in violent skirmishes with Us security authorities. It was founded around 2015 by Gavin Mcinnes, who worked at Vi Media. The company has tried to distance itself from the group and their activities. Proud boy group has values and objectives which are in tandem with President Trump's gender roles and liberal views. 

Group gets tacit support from Donald Trump 

The group was discussed during President Trump's debate with Biden kart year, when the anchor asked him about violent groups and white supremacists, he said'' Proud Boys - Stand back and standby' ', a statement many considered to be tacit support to the activities of the group. However, Mr. Donald Trump has since denied he had any affiliation with them. 

This decision taken by the Canadian government comes a few weeks after the FBI and CIA warned of possible violent acts from groups who are unhappy with the election results. Following the announcement, the Department of Justice in Seattle is said to have arrested a member of the group. 

Minister Blair said there seems to be a growing threat among violent groups and extremists which must be nipped in the bud quickly. Other groups labeled as the Atomwaffen and Base have also been tagged terrorist organizations.