All about musical instruments handpan

The worldwide success of the handpan has led many fans to take an interest in this modern instrument. In fact, the handpan is a relatively new instrument. It has existed since the early 2000s, thanks to the work of three Swiss musicians. In this article you will find basic information about the handpan.

What is a handpan ?

The handpan is often referred to as a "handpan" although they are actually two different musical instruments. A handpan instrument is a musical instrument that is shaped like a curved steel drum. When the drum hits a wall, it produces a very deep vibration. Depending on where it is struck, the tonality changes. 

The instrument has a subtle blend of traditional and modern character. It is played by hand and produces a melodic, crystalline and very original sound. The uniqueness of its sound characteristics is the reason for its worldwide success. Handpans are very popular; they produce harmonic sounds that create interesting effects by mixing different layers of sound. Handpans are preferred by music lovers in many countries.

How does a handpan work?

By twisting nitrided steel into a certain shape, it has been tuned to a diatonic scale. When struck, sounds come out of the fountain. The sound is produced by the air escaping through the holes in the bottom of the blade. They are usually tuned to the same scale, so even without musical knowledge almost anyone can make beautiful music with a well-tuned instrument.

How is the sound produced with a handpan?

The sound produced by a pan is simply the vibration of the sound field created on the surface of the pan. Each pan has a different pitch. The higher the pitch, the lower or deeper. The lower the pitch, the higher the sound. The tones resonate in the space between the two parts are naturally amplified and released by the lower pitch. 

Melodies are created by tapping the upper part of the keyboard with the hands. The fingers and thumbs or other parts of the hand that mark individual notes create the sound. The upper part of the shell contains all the notes. The so-called notches are inverted grooves in steel of a certain size. When they are struck, they produce a sound.

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