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ICON Science during the group’s 2018 writing retreat | March 2018 | From left to right: (front row) Sarrah Hurley, Sarah Bekessy, Katherine Berthon, Florence Damiens, Georgia Garrard, Lindall Kid, Emily Gregg and Blythe Vogel; (back row) Ascelin Gordon, Luis Mata, Matthew Selinske, Alex Kusmanoff, Thami Croeser, Holly Kirk and Freya Thomas.

The Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group (ICON Science) is a team of researchers working to understand the interaction between society and our environment. Managing biodiversity demands a multidisciplinary approach that reconciles ecological, social and economic dimensions.

ICON Science examines these drivers of change, particularly in urban and semi-rural environments. Our aim is to address the gap between conservation theory and real world practice in complex planning environments.

We work as part of RMIT University’s Centre of Urban Research (CUR) and Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Remediation (EnSuRe), the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED), and the Threatened Species Recovery Hub and Clean Air and Urban Landscape Hub of the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program.


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